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Divorce Litigation

Guiding You Through Divorce Litigation

Many divorces become adversarial because of financial issues, differences as to custody arrangements or other pressing issues. Sometimes it is simply impossible for spouses to come to an agreement.

Divorce LitigationWhen it is necessary to go to court, you can put your trust in the attorneys of COTLER LAW LLC to provide effective, aggressive representation. Whether motions must be argued or defended, or a full trial is warranted, you can be assured that COTLER LAW LLC will help you pursue the best possible outcome to your divorce.

We serve clients in Stamford, in Greenwich and throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut and Westchester County, New York. Contact us today by calling (203) 977-2413 to schedule a free consultation.

We Can Help You Through All Aspects Of Your Divorce

robin-cotler-lawMatters that we handle on a regular basis as part of divorce litigation include:

  • Alimony
  • Child custody and support
  • Property division/High net income divorces
  • 401K/Pension Divisions
  • Business evaluation
  • Modification or enforcement of court orders
  • Emergency actions
  • Orders of protection

We frequently use forensic accountants, psychologists and other experts as consultants in complex divorce cases. We offer detailed and thorough case preparation that gives us the best chance to obtain successful results for our clients.

Simply knowing the law is not enough; applying the law to your situation and working diligently to achieve your objectives are key to successful representation. As a client of COTLER LAW LLC, you can count on us to deliver sound guidance and counsel tailored to your exact needs.

The best way to learn how the law may impact your rights is to discuss your problem during a free initial consultation in our Stamford office. Contact COTLER LAW LLC by calling (203) 977-2413 or completing the online contact form.