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Child Custody and Support

Mother and two sonsDivorce and other family law disputes greatly affect children. At COTLER LAW LLC, we know that there are ways to minimize the stress associated with these events while protecting our clients’ interests. Although parents usually want the best for their children, they do not always agree on the nature of what is “best.” It can take a forceful and effective advocate to achieve a favorable outcome.

The issues involving child support and custody, whether joint, shared or sole, can be significant. If the parties are particularly hostile, the child is very young or there are allegations of problems with one parent, the case can become quite litigious. At COTLER LAW LLC, we take special care to keep the focus of child custody separate from other marital problems and under control, keeping the child’s best interests as the top priority.

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Developing Sound Parenting/Visitation Plans

Child CustodyA parenting plan will designate the nature of the custody and the amount of time the child will spend with each parent. Attorney Robin Cotler will assist you in the creation of the parenting plan that provides a sensible, workable arrangement.

If the parents cannot reach an agreement regarding custody or the parenting plan, we are prepared to litigate and we will discuss the need for the appointment of a GAL or expert in your matter. Our lawyer will review your file and discuss the various outcomes that may result from a custody trial.

Helping You Through The Child Support Determination Process

In most cases, child support payments are part of a larger picture, and parents should also consider the impact of alimony payments, residence in the family home and a child’s special needs when making support decisions. We can use our knowledge of the law to give an estimation of what you should expect to pay or receive in child support.

Our law firm also recognizes that circumstances change, which is why we also help parents modify support agreements and parenting plans that no longer meet the needs of the child. We can help with enforcement of a parenting plan that is not being followed, especially when one parent interferes with the parental rights of the other.


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